Stories Views Could Either Make Or Break You

One of the reasons why social media users have to be extra careful when it comes to sharing their stories in their social media account is that their stories views could either make their reputation built up or ruined.  Of course, whatever you post and share will always reflect your personality and the way you perceive things about life in general.

This is the very reason why it matters to think discreetly first prior deciding to post a story in your social media profile. Consider if what you share is worthy enough to contribute positive things to your circle or if this would only taint your reputation. Remember people would always judge you based on what you tell or share to them.

Being real is a good thing but you also have to consider that there are things worth-sharing and there are also those that are better kept private. This is not being secretive but more about valuing your privacy. A lot of people will read about your stories views so you should protect your privacy at all cost.