Getting Free Likes through Hashtags on Instagram

News 12:12 December 2019:

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Hashtags can be advantageously used on Instagram to get more free likes. You use the hashtags on the captions that you write when posting your picture. This strategy requires the use of trending hashtags. It is important to know how to use the trending hashtags and how to use them right. The optimal number of hashtags that are used on social media is three to five on one post. They should be relevant to what you have posted. This gets people interested and also makes more sense and eventually gets you likes.

The trick with hashtags is not to make them too long. Three to four words would be sufficient. When you use a lot of words on a single hashtags reduce the number of hashtags that you employ on that post. Do not use hashtags that has been used by millions of people if you intend on getting free likes as it will reduce the chances of people viewing your photo. Hashtags will few posts will make it possible for people searching for a specific hashtag to view your photo.