Are some words more likely to attract twitter likes and automatic Favorites than others?

News 04:11 November 2019:

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Just like when attracting more likes, there are certain words that could instantly boost your automatic favorites.  Tweeting the words “new blog post,”, “great tips,” “get help” or “how to” often spark interest among twitter users. And more interest in your tweets will often lead to a favorite or a retweet if the content is great. But before looking up for the most intriguing words to use on twitter, it is also important that you understand the nature of your following.

When your followers are your close friends who like to update about their personal lifestyles, using words perceived to attract less interest like “lol”, “boring,” or “hey” could actually be what will make you get many automatic favorites. The sad reality however is that people aren’t interested in some casual words that do not add any value to your tweet. Instead, the thought provoking keywords, attention grabbing quotes and attractive pictures are often the things that make feel interested in your posts and probably give you many retweets and likes.

Facing the Truth about Automatic Favorites

Automatic favorites are huge in the world of today. They have worked very well to give businesses the visibility that they are looking for in the social media circles. Visibility on social media for businesses is a very big deal as it is what gets the companies the results that they are looking for on social media. Social media is without doubt the biggest marketing avenue that businesses have at their disposal today and it is important that it be utilized to the fullest to reap the best results possible. That being said, does this mean that the only thing that these businesses need to succeed on social media is these favorites?

Well, the answer is no. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that are going around today. Businesses believe that all they need to do is invest in the favorites and everything else will fall into place on its own. This will not happen. The favorites work well to get you as a business the attention that you need. Whether or not this attention will remain on your page is totally up to you.

As a business, you will need to conduct research to fully understand the market that you are targeting to attract with these favorites.  You need to know exactly what this segment of the market wants and what they will expect to get form your page once they visit it. It will also be important for you to understand human behavior. You need to know that human beings lose interest so fast. If they turn to you and find that what they expected to get from you are not here, they will leave so fast. The automatic favorites will have the done their job and gotten you the attention of the peoplethat you wanted to get but it will now be your job to retain his attention.

Once these people land on your page, make sure that what they are looking for is available. If they were brought to your page by certain products that they would like to have, make sure that the products are there. If they were brought to your page by certain services that they knew you would offer, make sure that the services are available. If they were brought to your page by certain information that they were looking to get, make sure that the information is there. This brings us to the sensitive topic of content.

The content that is available on your page is a very important thing. Content is actually a deal breaker for a large number of social media users. If they do not find any useful or relevant content on your page, they will leave it as fast as they came. This makes the research step mentioned earlier a very important one. It is important that you get to know how your target market thinks and the kind of information they would like to have. Work from this point and make sure that the content that you have on your page gives them the exact information that they are looking for.